The Millennium Development Goals and the challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean in making progress towards higher levels of well-being, better human capital, and more equal opportunities

This document presents the bases of discussion for a joint programme between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union to fight poverty, inequality and exclusion. The study examines the evolution of economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean and its main proposals take account of the most recent and significant studies on the issue, in accordance withthe guidelines on social cohesion and protection prepared by ECLAC in the last four years. This paper takes up a number of the points raised in the aforementioned report (ECLAC and other UN agencies, 2005). It provides further discussion on the type of problems and challenges facing the region in five areas thatare either included in the MDGs or closely related to them (poverty, child malnutrition, education, health and children); and it makes recommendations for the region’s governments and countries in those areas.