Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) Longitudinal Impact Evaluation

This report provides a description of the baseline data collected as part of The Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) long-term impact evaluation (IE) is designed to follow households over a ten-year period to assess a number of key hypotheses around the impact of the programme. The first key objective is to understand the impact of the programme on current beneficiaries across a range of outcomes, social, protective and productive. In effect this will update the impacts reported in the 2013-15 IE. The second key objective is to understand what happens to households that exit the programme, whether they can sustain the standard of living they achieved while on the programme or whether they fall back into ultra-poverty. This report establishes the baseline for these two overarching questions. As such, it provides valuable data on the starting point for the different groups of households. The report also provides information on the current operational performance of the programme, including targeting, and thus provides data that can be acted upon immediately by the Ministry.