Kingdom of Bhutan Study for Poverty Profiles in the Asian Region - Final Report

The National Statistics Bureau (NSB) of Bhutan calculated and analyzed the poverty indicators two times based on the Bhutan Living Standard Survey (BLSS) in 2003 and 2007. NBS compiles the Poverty Analysis Reports based on the data obtained by BLSS of 2003 and 2007. The most recent poverty analysis is the Poverty Analysis Report (PAR) in 2007. The next BLSS is scheduled in 2011, and a release of the next PAR is planned in 2013 after poverty analysis based on the upcoming BLSS data in 2012. Poverty indicators in PAR (2007) are not fully comparable to that of PAR (2004), due to differences in sampling methodology (size and covered area) and other conditions in date in BLSS (2003) and BLSS (2007). By BLSS (2007), data on more food items were collected with a doubled sample size covering wider areas in comparison to the one in 2004.