International Conference on Resilient Social Protection for Inclusive Development - Full Report

Social protection has emerged as a major new focus in efforts to reduce poverty and promote human capital accumulation around the world. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to end poverty in all its forms by expanding social protection for all, with SDG Target 1.3 aiming to ‘implement nationally appropriate social protection systems’ towards that objective.

The International Conference on Resilient Social Protection for an Inclusive Development aimed to support the Government of Nepal, and its relevant Ministries, to deliver in its vision of a core package of social protection for all and help Nepal become a more prosperous nation, with a focus on the next generation and the most vulnerable.

Recognizing that there are many paths towards universal social protection, and programs in different countries have followed different paths towards their expansion and consolidation, the Conference aims to bring regional and international experiences and research to support Nepal learn from the global experience and develop an evidence-based national integrated social protection framework.

The conference is being organized by the Government of Nepal in collaboration with ILO, UNDP, UNESCAP, UNICEF, UK Aid, The World Bank, GIZ, and Social Science Baha.