The Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Welfare Policies of Norway and Japan: A Comparative Study

The impact of Covid-19 posed major challenges for governments, particularly in terms of welfare policies. This comparative analysis will mainly study the consequence of the pandemic on the social welfare policies of two nations, Norway and Japan, and define the similarities and differences in their policy responses in relation to the governments’ interest. The study focuses on a comparative study of the history of welfare state development, welfare provision, welfare financing, and welfare systems by the two countries in response to the pandemic. Data collection is significantly utilized from secondary data, including the review of official documents, news articles, media reports, and academic literature. Overall, the study contributes to our understanding of the impact of the pandemic on social welfare policies and the role of institutional factors in shaping policy responses. It provides insights for policymakers and scholars interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities for social welfare policies in the context of the ongoing pandemic.