The Impact of COVID-19 on Middle Eastern and North African Labor Markets: Vulnerable Workers, Small Entrepreneurs, and Farmers Bear the Brunt of the Pandemic in Morocco and Tunisia

The main publication findings are: due to COVID-19, wage workers in Morocco and Tunisia have lost jobs, been temporarily laid off, experienced reduced hours, reduced wages, and delays in pay; the impact of COVID-19 on wage workers has been minimal for public sector workers, but substantial in the private sector, and especially for informal workers, irregular workers, and those working outside establishments; farmers, the self-employed, and employers have experienced particularly sharp decreases in their revenues; although some workers and families are receiving government support, many in MENA are falling through a sparse safety net and experiencing large decreases in their income; additional social protection, as well as better targeting of support, will be needed to cushion the economic impacts of the pandemic and ensuing economic challenges.