How Poverty Graduation Programs Use Mobile Technology: Enabling BOMA Project to Graduate Women and Children Out of Poverty

Developed by the Bangladesh-based NGO, BRAC, the Graduation Approach to lifting the ultra-poor out of extreme poverty uses a holistic method of providing participants access to savings groups, skills coaching, access to healthcare, and other services, so participants can graduate out of poverty. 

Managing a graduation program means being able to track many different types of data points over time. Technology has the power to help these organizations with their data and multiple phases, from targeting ultra poor participants for placement in savings groups, assessing when participants have reached certain milestones, and to tracking progress over time. This white paper explores how BOMA Project uses TaroWorks' mobile field services app, a cloud database powered by Salesforce and monitoring and evaluation tools created by Vera Solutions to manage its poverty graduation program in Northern Kenya's arid and semi-arid lands.