Good Practice in The Development of Management Information Systems for Social Protection

Management Information Systems (MISs) are core to the design of social protection schemes. Indeed, social protection schemes could be regarded as systems of information management. The various components of social protection schemes – such as “targeting”, “registration”, “conditions”, “payments”, “grievance systems” and “exit and graduation” – all require information to be captured, transferred, stored and analysed. Yet, little attention is paid to MISs in the social protection literature.

This paper, therefore, aims to fill a gap in the literature by examining good practice in the design of MISs for social protection. Section 2 will describe MISs, pointing out that they are more than systems of computer hardware and application software. Section 3 will discuss the type of information required by social protection MISs, and the challenges in capturing, transferring and processing this information. Section 4 will assess the potential for introducing new technologies into social protection MISs in developing countries. Section 5 will conclude by examining issues around the integration of MISs in countries with multiple social protection schemes, and the extent to which a national Single Registry is an appropriate model.