Global Nutrition Report - Action on equity to end malnutrition

The 2020 Global Nutrition Report is launched in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. This is not only a health crisis followed by an economic crisis. In many developing countries, it is a health and nutrition crisis, combined with a socioeconomic crisis. Lockdowns impact people’s income, and their capacity to achieve food and nutrition security. Closed schools mean that school-meals programmes are no longer providing nutritious meals for children. Smallholder farmers and food producers, often women with few rights and limited ability to make decisions, will be particularly affected. In any new normal after this crisis, nutrition must be understood and recognised as an indispensable part of health, food, education and economic development. Particular attention must be paid to equity, the theme of this year’s report, ensuring that all forms of policy, action and systemic change support the poorest and most vulnerable, leaving no one behind.