Gender-equal pensions in the Nordics: What can the Nordic countries learn from each other in order to close the gender pension gap?

All the Nordic countries have high rates of female employment and are often ranked among the most gender-equal countries in the world. Nevertheless, there exists a gap between women’s and men’s pensions in all these countries. The size of the gender pension gap varies considerably between 28% in Sweden and 5% in Iceland. The report offers knowledge about how pension systems’ design impacts the gender pension gap and provides examples of how the gap can be reduced. Data describing the gender pension gap and the gap in contributions and pension wealth have been collected from state agencies and research institutes in the Nordic countries for 2019. The report is part of a collaboration between the Swedish Women’s Lobby (SWL), the Finnish women´s rights organization NYTKIS and The United Federation of Workers in Denmark 3F and is funded by the Nordic Gender Equality Fund.