Feasibility study on cash and voucher assistance programming in the Borena zone, Oromia, and Zone One, Afar regions in Ethiopia

A rapid feasibility study was conducted in the Borena zone of Oromia and Zone One of Afar regions evaluating the different enabling parameters (preconditions) as to understand the suitability of CVA in relation to protection, education, MHH (Menstrual Health and Hygiene) and livelihood outcomes. The feasibility study found cash and/or voucher to be highly feasible for the project interventions to achieve the protection, education and livelihoods outcomes in Ethiopia. Humanitarian agencies have been undertaking CVA covering multiple needs of the affected population. There is an increased positive appetite for CVA by all stakeholder including the communities, humanitarian agencies, donors, financial service providers and authorities. The use of Cash /Voucher modality differs with the context such as Cash/voucher is feasible in both regions and also preferred by the host government. The extent to which CVA has already been used in past and current humanitarian response is a strong indicator of the feasibility of using the modality in future emergencies.