Extending Social Health Protection in Myanmar: Accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage

As a country in transition, Myanmar has been striving to improve its development outcomes and overcome a past characterized by authoritarian rule. The country’s overarching development framework is laid out in the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan 2018 ̶ 2030 (Myanmar Ministry of Planning and Finance 2018), in which social protection has been outlined as a priority. One of the country’s social development strategies is to “expand an adaptive and systems-based social safety net and extend social protection services throughout the life cycle” (Myanmar Ministry of Planning and Finance 2018, p45). The health sector policy framework is outlined in the National Health Plan (NHP) 2017 ̶ 2021 (Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports 2016), which aims to strengthen the country’s health system and move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 through the implementation of propoor health protection policies. In addition to the provision of a range of tax financed public health services to the population, social health protection in Myanmar is delivered through the Social Security Board (SSB) which administers the National Health and Social Care insurance scheme and provides insurance and income security to contributing workers.

This country brief is part of the country briefs series: Social Protection in action: building social protection floors for all.