Extending Social Health Protection in India: Accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage

Since the early days of its independence, India has recognized the benefits of ensuring comprehensive health care coverage for its population. As such, several official committees, expert groups and policy documents have reiterated the need for ensuring accessibility and availability of health care, and the country has taken incremental steps to establish and expand social health protection. This has been achieved across various targeted population groups through a range of mandatory social health insurance schemes, targeting industry workers, civil servants and low-income households, respectively. Despite advances made through these schemes, the social health protection system in India remains fragmented, with concerns expressed around the ability of schemes to provide effective coverage to beneficiaries. Moreover, such fragmentation has resulted in varying standards of quality of clinical care and levels of access, with implications for the efficiency of the system at large.

This country brief is part of the country briefs series: Social Protection in action: building social protection floors for all.