The Examination of the Implementation of Tanzania Social Action Fund on the Erradication of Rural Poverty in Mpanda District

The study examined the implementation of Tanzania Social Action Fund on the eradication of rural poverty in Mpanda District. The study was guided by individual poverty theory in order to understand the rural poverty and how Tanzania Social Action Fund do eradicate poverty. The researcher adopted a qualitative research approach and data collected by using interview and focus group discussion combined. The study included a total of 62 respondents as sample size where by random and purposive sampling technique was applied to select respondents found in the study area. Data were collected using questionnaires, interviews and focused group discussion. Findings showed that the Tanzania Social Action Fund has contribute social services to rural people as to improve enrollment of children going to school, access to health facilities, improvement of having three meal per day and to improve infrastructures. The study recommended that the TASAF Management unit should increase amount of fund to the beneficiaries so as to cope with real life expenses, to emphasize the beneficiary to invest and to make clear and proximity monitoring and evaluation of the utilization of fund. Community based water projects should be designed in such a way that the entire community is directly involved from the initial state to the implementation stage.