Creating social protection curricula in Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, for Africa regionally and online

THL-Finland has supported the development of social protection systems in African and Asian partner coun-tries since 2015 through the EU-SPS programme co-financed by EU, OECD and Finland. The main objective has been to work with partner country institutions to systematize their national social protection related ca-pacity development efforts.

This was approached in Zambia, Tanzania and Kyrgyz-stan through ‘pre-service’ MA, BA and professional pro-ficiency curricula on social protection in universities, while in Ethiopia the focus was on the training of local level social workers in vocational training institutions. In Vietnam and for Africa region the main goal was to create locally tailored and owned curricula for ‘in-service’ training of civil servants whom the Government had made to work on social protection without any – or sufficient - prior social protection related education or training.