Cash Transfers and Post-Disaster Agriculture: The ‘Post’ is the ‘Pre’

Disaster precedes and follows disaster. Extreme natural events are not exceptional, but rather part of the territorial dynamics. Post-disaster agriculture is pre-disaster agriculture, and vice-versa, and to assure a faster return to farming activities after a disruption societies’ chronic vulnerability must be addressed. Anticipatory unconditional cash transfers via mobile money services, such as M-Pesa and mKesh, can approach the different dimensions of vulnerability in a systemic way and without interfering with the societal dynamics, inter and intra social relationships and self-organisation of societies, unlike external other interventions. This study finds that anticipatory unconditional cash transfers not only enable a faster return to agriculture after a disruption, but they can also be articulated with a basic income as this helps to tackle the chronic vulnerability of societies and empower their social reproduction, thereby increasing their resilience.