Cash and Protection in the Ukraine Response

The February 2022 crisis escalation in Ukraine led to an unprecedented emergency in Europe. Recognising the need for Cash for Protection (C4P) interventions in the large-scale Ukraine response, and aware of the technical challenges in operationalising C4P, the Task Team on C4P (under the Global Protection Cluster) established a temporary task force, the Ukraine Regional Cash for Protection Task Force (C4PTF), exclusively dedicated to the Ukraine situation. As the response unfolded, an increasing number of agencies began considering C4P implementation. The Task Force provides direct support to these agencies and Protection Clusters. This includes ensuring that technical support would ultimately be led and owned at the national level. This learning report stems from bilateral discussions with the Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network’s members in Ukraine and Poland, many of whom were on the cusp of designing or implementing C4P programmes as part of the Ukraine response and were seeking learning and experience from each other. Together with the Regional C4PTF, it was agreed to commission this learning report to understand what programming is being labelled as C4P within the context of the Ukraine response, what elements and parameters make up this programming, and how the programmes are operationalised. The objective of this research was to gather and analyse C4P programmatic experience and lessons learned from the Ukraine crisis response to support the work of agencies engaging in C4P as part of the response while contributing to the global bank of operational learning and guidance on C4P. Recommendations are formulated to inform current responses, but also future ones.