Building Social Protection Floors for All: Report of the first phase 2016–2020

Social protection is a human right and a target across several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. However, more than 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was promulgated, it is still not a reality for the more than 4 billion people who are left totally unprotected and have no access to any social protection benefit. The vast majority of those left behind live and work in the informal economy, without access to the health care they need and without income security in the event of illness, work-related accidents, unemployment, disability, maternity or old age. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the cruelty of this situation, whereby only a minority of the world's population has been able to maintain a decent standard of living through adequate levels of social protection and access to vaccines. The ILO’s Global Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All is designed to deliver on the promise of human rights and the SDGs. It uses a coherent approach to support countries to build their national social protection systems, achieve tangible and sustainable results and improve people's lives. The Flagship Programme brings together a large number of key actors, including governments, social partners, businesses and civil society organizations, around a common goal and strategy. It is also a platform for exchange and collaboration, enabling us to have more impact together. This report concludes the first phase of the Flagship Programme. It presents the results that the target countries, with strong political will and support from the ILO and its partners, were able to achieve in a few years.