Brazil–Africa knowledge-sharing: What do African policymakers say?

Within the framework of the project 'Brazil & Africa: Fighting Poverty and Empowering Women via South–South Cooperation', the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) promoted an exchange of experiences of cooperation between Brazil and African countries on social protection and food and nutrition security. From June to August 2015, the IPC-IG invited African policymakers working in the area of social protection and food and nutrition security to participate in an online discussion and a survey about the cooperation between their countries and Brazil. The main objective was to assess the achievements of knowledge-sharing and learning exchange activities in the areas of social protection and food and nutrition security. The information gathered in these discussions was contextualised in Cirillo et al. (2016). In this One Pager, we present a summary of the major achievements and challenges of this process, as well as some suggestions from the participants on how to make this learning exchange more effective in the future.

This publication was produced under the Brazil & Africa: fighting poverty and empowering women via South-South Cooperation project.

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