Boosting productive employment in Africa: What works and why?

While most African countries have registered high growth in the last decade, a large number of people remain excluded from the benefits of this progress. (...) With an estimated growth of five million new jobs per year, Africa’s growth has not been jobless. However, the number of people looking for work has grown substantially faster than the number of formal wage jobs created (Filmer & Fox, 2014). Although the registered level of unemployment in most Sub-Sahara African countries is not strikingly high (at around 7.6% for the past 5 years) (Adolwa et al., 2017), such official unemployment statistics are generally misleading and mask the monumental labour market challenges in the region. (...) This synthesis is structured around three key issues, namely, the sectors driving economic growth in Africa, dynamic entrepreneurship, and the policy environment for inclusive and productive employment in Africa.