BASIC Performance Evaluation: Midline Report

This report presents the results of the midline evaluation of the Better Assistance in Crises Programme. The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) commissioned Integrity Global to undertake an independent performance evaluation of the Better Assistance in Crises Programme (BASIC) in October 2020.

The evaluation purpose is to provide accountability and learning. The purpose of this performance evaluation is to provide (1) timely evidence to improve BASIC delivery, (2) evidence on how technical assistance and research services can support the use of social protection during crisis, and (3) guidance on the design of future centrally managed programmes. This midline report is the second of three evaluation outputs and provides a mid-point evaluation of progress over the first three years of implementation, assesses progress against the baseline phase, and provides a benchmark for upcoming endline. Midline evaluation evidence was collected between May and September 2022.

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