BASIC Performance Evaluation: Baseline Report

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) commissioned Integrity to undertake an independent performance evaluation of the £20.5m Better Assistance in Crises Programme (BASIC) in October 2020. This baseline report is the first of three evaluation outputs we are producing as part of the contract and serves three purposes. First, it provides an early evaluation of progress over the first two years of implementation. Second, it provides a snapshot of current programme status to benchmark progress at midline and endline stages. Third, it elaborates the causal pathways within the theory of change.

BASIC programme BASIC aims to support the new and/or improved use of social protection approaches during crisis. It is being delivered between 2018 and 2024 by the FCDO Social Protection Team (SPT). It provides support across three workstreams: technical assistance (delivered through BASIC TAS, including SPACE, and BASIC TAF); BASIC Research; and Knowledge Management and Learning services. These workstreams aim to result in the use of more effective, efficient, equitable, and financially sustainable social protection (SP) systems during crisis. They expect to do this by improving human and institutional capacity of donors, multilateral agencies, and national governments; supporting the development of new or strengthened country plans, policies, programmes, and systems; increasing the level of high-quality evidence used by, and political commitments from, key actors; and greater coherence and coordination between actors and initiatives. Between October 2018 and` August 2021, BASIC technical assistance delivered 28 projects, engaging with 45 countries through 128 unique engagements, while BASIC Research is still in its inception phase at the time of reporting.

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