Antigua and Barbuda Social Protection Assessment

This assessment of the Antigua and Barbuda (A&B) Social Protection system aims to assist the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GAB) strengthen its social protection policies and contribute to the successful implementation of the GAB’s National Economic and Social Transformation (NEST) Plan. The analysis draws upon the most recent Country Poverty Assessment in 2007 (CPA 2007) as well as information collected during a short mission to A&B in July 2010. Section I discusses the main risks facing families in A&B and the analytical framework underpinning this assessment. Section II identifies the main vulnerable groups, and discusses the principal risks they face, particularly those that perpetuate  ntergenerational poverty transmission. Section III outlines the policies implemented by the GAB to minimize the adverse impact of the global crisis and reviews the principal public assistance programmes currently in place to address each specific risk facing the people of A&B. Section IV assesses the adequacy of the social protection system focusing on: spending; coverage; generosity; targeting; incidence; efficiency of resource use; coordination; monitoring and evaluation; and sustainability. Section V presents the conclusion and recommendations. Annex I presents a more detailed description of the existing assistance programmes and Annex II presents the questionnaire that was used to collect information on these programmes.