Against All Odds: South Sudan Safety Net Project

In South Sudan's inherently unstable and fragile economy, poverty is endemic. In the wake of the recent pandemic and global economic downturn, food insecurity, natural calamities, and persistent economic instability have all left a vast majority of the population on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. What sets Nyayom apart is her resolve and resilience; despite extreme hardships, her family's situation is gradually improving. There are 423,051 South Sudanese people, like Nyayom, across 10 counties in South Sudan, whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to cash transfers totaling $23.5 million from the SSSNP. Beyond the facts and figures, the stories of these people provide valuable insights, underscoring that it is not just the construction of roads and community infrastructure that brings out the real value and human face of safety net projects, but rather people’s intense determination and resolve. These stories are collected in a photobook titled “Against All Odds: South Sudan Safety Net Project.” Its narrative tells the of the resilience and welfare of impoverished and vulnerable South Sudanese by combining the lessons and innovations of the project with a rich collage of stunning imagery and the testimonies of people. For instance, it discusses the success of SSSNP’s Cash ‘Plus’ trainings, which were delivered to promote healthy behaviors in nutrition, early childhood development, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) among communities. Recipients also reported that the financial inclusion training enabled them to better plan and save for unexpected events.