Adapting Cash Programming to Inflation, Depreciation and Economic Volatility in Zimbabwe

This report captures the key points from discussions with stakeholders in Zimbabwe to help identify the actions needed for effective implementation of cash assistance in view of economic volatility characterised by high inflation and currency depreciation. The recommendations are a product of extensive consultations with a variety of actors both within Zimbabwe as well as at the regional and global levels. The purpose of the work was to support country cash working groups (CWGs) to agree on actions to develop clear predictable processes for adapting cash programming in line with the economic trends at country level. The proposed action plan to take forward some of the recommendations can be found in the annex. This report, together with similar reports from South Sudan, Malawi, Nigeria and Burkina Faso, are also intended to serve as examples for other cash working groups seeking to better adapt cash programs to contexts of high inflation and depreciation.