Last updated: 06/3/2020

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The aim of the programme is to improve the employability of low-income young people at social risk, by theoretical and practical training in classrooms and a first work experience through internships in companies, in order to provide them with skills and knowledge for the execution of a job and completing their formal education.

Programme components
i) Courses; ii) Internships.

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
i) Courses: Young people receive training that develops competitive skills such as group integration, mathematics, communication skills, work organization and customer service, among others, as well as guidance tools for job search. ii) Internships: The internships of the young people linked to the Programme in chosen companies aim to complete the labour training and increase the chances of being inserted in the labour market.
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
i) Courses: The courses have a duration of 4 months (150 hours); ii) Internships: Internships are held during the last stage of the programme and last 2 months (240 hours).