Last updated: 21/1/2020

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The programme is aimed at young people living in poverty and/or social vulnerability who have difficulties in developing their productive capacities. To improve their employability and achieve their labour inclusion, a technical advice of training for work will be provided as well as support for the preparation of a labour plan and labour inclusion. It is a requirement to have completed basic education (at least). The programme also offers the option for the development of a self-employment project. The programme lasts up to seven months and provides CLP$180.000 for the labour plan.


Programme components
i) Formación Sociolaboral: In the form of workshop, tools to develop skills for youth employment are provided. These workshops closed with an individual employment plan that is developed by young people themselves. According to this, labor intermediation for entrepreneurship (self employement) or salary employemnt is done by funding participant requirements.
Start date

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
Youth, preferably between 18 and 24 years, unemployed and seeking for a job for the first time, inactive or involved in precarious work and have in the Social Protection Registry less than or equal to 8,500 points.
Eligibility criteria
Instrument of selection: Social Household Registry (Decree 22, 2015). Young people are prioritized by their score in the Social Protection Registry and other regional criteria. There are 1,300 places for young people from Chile Solidario or Seguridades y Oportunidades.

Coverage and other information