Last updated: 16/1/2020

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Yo Emprendo Semilla (Ex Programme for Support to micro-entrepreneurship) of the FOSIS consists on a subsidy to start an entrepreneurship or develop a self-employment job. This programme, through courses and workshop, brings a training for developing entrepreneurship skills; learning to trade products and manage a micro-entreprise. Moreover, each participant is supported individually according to his/her capacities, skills and interests for implementing an entrepreneurship and receive a financial support of CLP$300.000 called "Seed Capital" aimed to buy materials or supplies needed to start the activity. The programme provides its services for a limit of 9 months. Currently, the programme guarantees the access of the Security and Opportunities Subsystem's participants.

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Microenterprise Support Programme, Programa de Apoyo al Microemprendimiento, PAME

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