Last updated: 15/9/2023

Basic Information

Geographic area
Institutions and agencies involved
Population group
Working age group

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The aim is to create employment, to develop productive capacities, and to promote an employment sustainable and with quality, with the purpose of improving the earnings and employability of the population living in poverty and extreme poverty condition. This programme funds fundamental infrastructure projects which need an use of nonskilled workforces, such as paving roads, construction of sports slabs, irrigation canals, embankments and hydraulic defences. In specific, the programme funds salaries, materials, tools and safety kits. Between 2006-2011, the programme name was Building Peru.


Programme components
i) Competitive projects; ii) Non-competitive projects.
Previous programme name (if any)
Building Peru

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
Unemployed and underemployed population living in poverty and extreme poverty, with a priority to head of households, young people between 18 to 29 years old, disabled people, and elderlies.
Eligibility criteria
i) Competitive projects: Unemployed and underemployed population living in urban areas in poverty and extreme poverty situation. There is a priority to head of households, young peopled aged between 18 and 29 years old, people with disabilities and elderly. ii) Non-competitive projects: All beneficiaries of the programme.

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
i) Competitive projects: This modality has the largest budget assignation of the programme, and the projects could be presented by the regional, province or local governments. Description: The programme assigns funds into a competitive budget where the projects should be presented, then selected by a Prioritisation Committe. Throughout this modality, the programme seeks to attend people with no inertial unemployment in vulnerability condition and living in urban areas. ii) Non-competitive projects: In order to meet the demand of projects cofunding, the programme developed the Contingency Action, which has a national coverage, specially the districts interested on the operation of the programme. Description: This modality contemplates projects execution of social and economic infrastructure, to mitigate the damages occurred by natural disastres, international crisis, among others. Moreover, there is temporary employment creation to poor and extreme poor people who are unemployed.