Last updated: 14/3/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Institutions and agencies involved
Population group
Elderly persons, Poor households

Programme Details

Programme objectives
This programme is a fuel, electricity, water, gas, basic food, transport and medicine subsidy. This programme was introduced in the wake of looming social disruption following the hike in prices for basic necessities, due to international developments and government policy to phase-out energy subsidies.
Programme components
i) Fuel subsidy; ii) Electricity subsidy; iii) Water subsidy; iv) Gas subsidy; v) Basic food subsidy; vi) Transport subsidy; vii) Medicine subsidy.

Targeting and eligiblity

Eligibility criteria
In April 2023, the eligibility criterium was SRD 6,000 monthly income at the household level; or receiving a universal old age pension (AOV) or either of the two financial assistance benefits (ZwHH, MMeB). In addition, the claimant has to be at least age 21 and head of household. For people living in the inland areas and beneficiaries under the Financial Assistance programmes (ZwHH, MMeB), the threshold to qualify was set at SRD 4,500 per month.

Coverage and other information