Last updated: 22/7/2021

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The objectives of the Single Women's Allowance (SWA) programme are social security allowances in Nepal (including the old-age pension, single woman’s pension, the child grant, disability grant, and endangered ethnicity grant) aim to assist groups considered socially and/or economically vulnerable. In Nepal, it is very common that daughters whose fathers pass away before they marry are left in a rather precarious situation, neither being able to marry nor to provide for themselves as single women—a phenomenon that is more dramatic among poor families and which is believed to be one of the main drivers of female child labour. Hence, a Nepali Supreme Court decision of 2010 acknowledged this peculiarity and determined the creation of a grant for young single women, the Single Women’s Allowance (SWA). Until then, the country only had grants to widows and single women aged 60 years and over (Women’s UN Report Network 2011). 

Previous programme name (if any)
Widow's Allowance

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Benefit delivery mechanism
VDCs and municipalities distribute the money. The government plans to expand Postal Saving Banks to all local levels and use them as the delivery mechanism for the country's social security allowances
Benefit recipients
Beneficiaries themselves
Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frequency
Social Security Distric Coordination Committees, in coordination with District Development Committees, oversee the monitoring of the programme. A number of monitoring and evaluation measures are foreseen under the Strengthening Systems for Social Protection and Civil Registration Project, including three rounds of beneficiary surveys, as well as activities supporting citizen engagement and accountability for the country's social security allowances