Last updated: 15/3/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Institutions and agencies involved
Population group
Ethnic groups, Persons with disabilities

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The programme Pension for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities seeks to contribute to the improvement of quality of life, the social well-being and equality of people with permanent disabilities in a situation of vulnerability, through a bimonthly non-contributory pension, prioritizing children and adolescents as well as the indigenous population.

Conditionalities (if any)
Sanctions: Suspension of the transfer when: 1) after three home visits, on different days and times, the user or the person in charge are not located at their registered address; 2) no transactions or bank operations are registered in the bank account for six months (three bimesters); or 3) there are inconsistencies and / or incorrect information in the personal data and / or documents provided by the user or the person in charge.

Targeting and eligiblity

Eligibility criteria
Identification document, a domiciliary supporting document (home service bill or receipt), the application form to join the programme Pension for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities and a document proving permanent disability issued by any public institution in the federal, state or municipal health sector. The document proving permanent disability must have the minimun requirements of a medical certification from a public institution and must indicate the status of permanent disability. This certification is not necessary when the disability is noticeable or obvious (the disability certificate is requested only in case of doubt about the status of permanent disability).
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Exit strategies or criteria: 1) Loss of eligibility conditions; 2) Proportion of false information; 3) Voluntary resignation; 4) The user ceases to have a disability; 5) Change to a permanent or temporary residence abroad.

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
MXN 1,350 monthly, in 2021. In cases of emergency or disasters, an additional month of economic allowance may be delivered, only in a single occasion and according to budgetary capacity, in order to mitigate the priority needs of people with permanent disabilities who are affected by the emergency. The amount of the monthly economic allowance corresponds to 49.6 percent of a Measurement and Update Unit (UMA).
Legal Framework
Registry of recipients: As of 30/07/2020, the Single Registry of Beneficiaries was established. Before 2020, the Register of Beneficiaries of the Pension for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities was used.