Last updated: 27/8/2021

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The Godfather Entrepreneur Programme emerges as an alternative of prevention addressed to adolescents (men and women) exposed to social risk, whose ages range from 15 to 17 years. Participants receive job training for a future job in a sponsoring company so that once they finish their studies they can access a job. The programme is developed jointly with private companies (more than 130 sponsoring companies as of January 2016) that provide a monthly scholarship for facilitating the attendance to the company during five days weekly (and between four and six hours per day). The sponsoring companies receive benefits as a deduction from the investment (payments made to the participants) in a 100% income tax. In addition, there is an agreement between the Ministry of Labour and the companies that do not have a working relationship with the participants because of the flexibilities that are offered to them: the company pays the scholarship to the Programme, which in turn pays participants fortnightly (bi-weekly).

Start date

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
PAB$ 150 - PAB$ 225. Teens are protected by a personal accident insurance (one hour before, during and one hour after the working hours); they are offered follow-up at an integral level (family, school and work)