Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group
Working age group, Youth

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The objective of the programme is to contribute to the creation of more and better jobs, by supporting people to generate new permanent sources of work. The support given consists of granting a subsidy applied to the employer-paid contributions, by registering workers who meet the established eligibility conditions before the Mexican Social Security Institute (MSS). The program ended in November of 2011.

Programme components
i) Subsidy of Employer Contributions
Start date
2007 to 2011
Programme expenditure

Targeting and eligiblity

Eligibility criteria
Workers who do not have prior registration with the IMSS are eligible; who have been registered as temporary and can register in the program when they cease to be permanent workers; those who have a background as a permanent worker before the IMSS, when they do not have prior registration as a permanent worker for a period exceeding nine consecutive months with the same employer.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Exit strategies or criteria: If the data provided by the employer to the institute is false if the employer provides false information or data in the determination cards submitted to make the payment of the employer's labor fees, caused by the assurance of all his workers. If the employer fails to meet any of the requirements established in the granting of subsidies.

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
The amount of the subsidy was determined on the base contribution balance with which the employer has covered the employer's worker fees of each worker registered in the program, applying a percentage.