Last updated: 15/3/2024

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The objective of the programme is to promote job placement or formal productive activity for job seekers, through the provision of services, monetary or in-kind support, through three subprograms.

Targeting and eligiblity

Eligibility criteria
i) Employability Training Support: Unemployed persons aged 16 years and over, with at most tertiary level education; ii) Support for independent work: Seekers of a non-salaried job between 20 and 69 years, with maximum studies of higher level; iii) Internal labor mobility: Agricultural workers seeking employment between 20 and 69 years of age, with at most lower secondary education. Instrument of selection: The participant must comply with the requirements and documentation established by the PAE. The job seeker will be in charge of processing “Support for the job search”, after this, the applicant will be interviewed by the OSNE (Offices of the National Employment Service) and, eventually, chosen to be benefited by the program.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
ii) Support for independent work: The delivered assets will be removed from the participant in case of breaches any of the obligations and/or provides false data or documents; those assets can be reassigned to another initiative.

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
i) Employability Training Support: This subprogramme supports job seekers who require training to facilitate their placement or development of a productive activity on their own. Training and support for selected job seekers is implemented through courses in the Company and Classroom modalities; ii) Support for independent work: This subprogramme provides in-kind support consisting of furniture, machinery, equipment and/or tools to selected participants who have the skills and work experience of at least six months to develop an initiative on their own. If the participant does not have the work experience, s/he will have the option to take some course of the Bécate subprogramme, whose speciality must correspond with the proposal; iii) Internal labor mobility: This subprogramme provides financial support to selected participants who are engaged in agricultural activities and who, at the request of employers, are required to move to a federal entity different from their place of residence in order to carry out seasonal activities.
Amount of benefits
i) Employability Training Support: Scholarship for a maximum of MXN 300 for the participant attending the course; ii) Support for independent work: Supports can be up to MXN 25,000 per person and up to MXN 125,000 for groups of five or more people; iii) Internal labor mobility: The support granted will be up to MXN 1,800.