Last updated: 23/8/2021

Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group
Elderly persons

Programme Details

Start date
Conditionalities (if any)
The pension is delivered by an official responsible for the payment of the pension, with the presentation of the identification card and the pension voucher. Sanctions: If false statements have been used to acquire the pension, penalties will be awarded in the form of a fine

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
The old age pension (universal) is destined to people older than 65. Only people who have been citizens of Guyana for less than ten years, and foreigners with more than 20 years of residence in Guyana are elegible for this pension.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Exit strategies or criteria: The recipients will be disqualified from obtaining the pension if they are inmates of a public institution that offers free accommodation, if the recipient has been out of the country or if he/she is incarcerated.

Coverage and other information

Although at the moment there is no digitized system for the identification of recipients of this program, the Ministry of Social Protection indicated in January 2018 that in collaboration with the public information department and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications are working towards creating a digital system in which recipients may use their national identification card to receive the pension.