Last updated: 16/9/2023

Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group
Working age group

Programme Details

Programme objectives

To improve human security and promote equitable economic growth by ensuring access to basic services and facilities in rural areas.

Previous programme name (if any)
National Emergency Employment Program, NEEP
The programme has provided around 20 million labour days from its start up to March 2017. Additionally, we were unable to find coverage figures for Afghanistan’s NRAP, as this programme’s focus is the implementation of infrastructure projects, and the CfW initiative only comprises an ancillary component for which information is hard to obtain.
Programme expenditure
The programme is funded through different projects: World Bank-supported Afghanistan Rural Access project (ARAP): USD332 million; NRAP MoF: USD41.06 million; JAPAN-FUND: USD23.5 million; JICA and GOA Fund: USD133.1 million

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
Working-age population. The NRAP in Afghanistan is another interesting CfW initiative targeting the unskilled, rural population in the least developed regions. While it formally targets individuals, its targeting mechanism shifts to the household level if there are more eligible people than work opportunities
Eligibility criteria
Beneficiary selection is based on the geographical distribution of the rural population, equality of opportunity, and wage rates for unskilled agricultural labour during the slack season. The community is also involved in the selection process, reflecting their perception of poverty

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
Amount of benefits
Wages are set at the level of unskilled agricultural labor in the slack season. Productivity criteria also apply.
Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frequency
Regular monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports are published. The Steering Committee is responsible for project oversight, while the National Coordination Unit is involved with project coordination and monitoring responsibilities