Last updated: 10/3/2023

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The programme aims to contribute to the labour inclusion of women, delivering tools to overcome the main access barriers to get in the labout market. Thus, the programme offers and articulates different services to the participants, such as: labour training, vocational training (between 80 and 300 hours), labour intermediation, entrepreneurship support, studies leveling, access to care services and dental health.

Programme components
i) Job training workshops for dependent and self-employed women: In these training sessions, participants can acquire tools for their personal and professional development, knowledge of labor rights and receive support to improve their employability. ii) Access to a network of support for employability:Each woman prepares a work project, with which, depending on her profile and the availability of vacancies in the commune, she will be eligible for some benefits from: Leveling of basic and intermediate studies, Childcare, Dental care. iii) Intersectoral work with support to improve employability conditions:Links with municipal employment offices, Sence, FOSIS, National Cultural Heritage Service, JUNJI, Integra, among others.
Start date

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
i) Technical and professional training. ii) Remedial education (leveling of studies). iii) Labour intermediation services. iv) Support to self-employment.