Last updated: 23/1/2020

Programme Details

Programme objectives

This is an integral intervention that seeks to promote processes of socio-entrepreneurial strengthening for vulnerable women, creating a culture of saving and empowerment through gender awareness; financial education; building entrepreneurial skills; promoting formal microfinance services, and applying a savings incentive to generate resources for strengthening their own productive enterprises. In addition to the training process (116 hours), women participants are encouraged to save in a bank account, reaching targets in amounts, thus, the final output would be saving women with higher capacities. In this respect, during six months women participants should save COP$ 300,000 and will have to attend meetings, so the government supports them with about half the saved amount. For this, the requirement is to have a productive activity or business, or a business idea.

Programme components
i) Training: The training is focused on the individual development of women. Training sessions include gender equality issues, microfinance, business skills and associativity/cooperativism. The participants will receive a certificate. ii) Financial inclusion: Participants will have access to a preferential savings product. iii) Association / cooperativism: This component promotes the association/cooperativism between women participants in order to increase their probabilities of development and conducted different social and cultural activities.

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
Financial inclusion: If they meet the goal of saving COP$ 300,000 and attend training, women participants will receive a savings incentive (COP$ 150,000).
Instrument of selection: SISBEN