Last updated: 11/3/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Institutions and agencies involved
Population group
People living with HIV/AIDS, Persons with disabilities

Programme Details

Programme objectives

In 2010, the Joaquin Gallegos Lara Allowance was created as part of the Manuela Espejo Mission Solidarity Program. The allowance seeks to support people in a critical socio-economic condition, with severe disability, catastrophic illness, rare or orphan, and children under 14 years of age with HIV AIDS, with a monetary transfer delivered to the caregiver of the person with disability.

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
Eligibility criteria
Instrument of selection: Persons identified in the database of the Manuela Espejo Solidarity Mission and the Social Registry; Registry of recipients: Database of the "Manuela Espejo Solidarity Mission", included in the Social Registry.

Coverage and other information