Last updated: 02/12/2019

Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group

Programme Details

Programme objectives

This programme seeks to enhance access to labor market and productive insertion for Salvadoran youth through integration and articulation of labor policies in various sectors. Within the programme´s framework, the participants take courses of Skill and competence for life and work module and then continue on to benefit from other services offered by different participating institutions or companies. These services can be applied in a differentiated and personalized way according to each participant´s profile and situation.

Programme components
i) Skill and competence for life and work module: In this module organized by INJUVE, the participants learn about their political, social, economic, cultural, civic rights and etc, which will raise critical and proactive young citizens. ii) Employment: This component has intentions to assure more availability of job positions and integration of young people to those jobs. It consists of two subcomponents, which are employment and job orientation and admission. Temporary public employment and access to First Job programme are offered with the supervision of Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MTPS). iii) Employability: The goal of this component lies in reinforcing the skills and competences in order to facilitate the access to labour market for young people. The subcomponents that are part of Employability are: Professional and technical training and certification of skills, offered by INSAFORP, internships organized by INJUVE, reintegration to education with flexible methods by Ministry of Education and labour intermediation with MTPS in charge. iv) Entrepreneurship: This component, which is mainly directed by the National Commission of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (CONAMYPE), seeks to develop entrepreneurship by opportunity and necessity and to promote creation of initiatives by young entrepreneurs. Also, it provides seed capital to young people who want to start their business or develop it.
0.05% of the population (2016).
Programme expenditure

Targeting and eligiblity

Targeted areas
Nationwide. In 2016 still in the primary phase of implementation, only three municipalities benefitted: Soyapango, San Miguel, and Santa Ana. In the year 2017, the programme expanded to 11 offices of the programme located in the municipalities of Soyapango, Santa Ana, Mejicanos, Ciudad Delgado, San Miguel, San Salvador, Sonsonate, Zacatecoluca, Jiquilisco, Colón y Cojutepeque from where the territorial coverage reached up to more than 32 neighboring municipalities.
Target groups
Young people in vulnerable situation between 15 and 29 years without a formal job (unemployed or underemployed) and out of daytime education system.

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
Technical and vocationall training, Remedial education, Support for self-employment, Food and transportation stipend, Labour intermediation services.
Benefit recipients
Young people participating in the programme.
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
i) Skill and competence for life and work module: The courses last two months resulting in a total of 64 hours. Besides that. the standard intervention includes one year of participation in different components, but in special cases it provides support up to two and a half years when the participants take specialized courses.
Legal Framework
The Youth with Everything programme is in the process of incorporating programmes in the subsystem of social protection under Development, Social Protection and Inclusion Act.
Special Registry of Participants (RUP in Spanish)