Last updated: 24/3/2022

Basic Information

Geographic area

Programme Details

Programme objectives

This programme was introduced in 2012, while the social allowance began to be delivered from 2013. Through economic transfers, the programme seeks to enhance the quality of life and protect the rights of people with severe disability in condition of dependence and extreme poverty through an assistance monetary transfer. In order to obtain economic subsidy, the active recipients must meet the conditionalities established by a technical team of the programme.

Programme components
i) Subsidy.
Conditionalities (if any)
Health: Attendance to health check-up and to center of integral rehabilitation, if advised. Others: participation in lectures, courses and seminars for psychological and medical orientation, and accession to the education system in the case of minors. Sanctions: Suspension of the subsidy in case of use of money in gambling, alcohol, drugs and narcotics or for other usage by father or mother, guardian or legal representative.

Targeting and eligiblity

Eligibility criteria
Panamanian national or son/daughter of Panamanians, and condition of disability. Registry of recipients: Single Registry of Beneficiaries (RUB).
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Exit strategies or criteria: 1)Death of active recipient; 2)No collection of money during three consecutive payments. A socioeconomic investigation will be carried out by the Ministry of Social Development in collaboration with the National Secretariat of Disability, in order to detect the recipients. The registration process includes a home visit of the technical team, and the recipients are required to present the diagnosis of a competent public health institution.

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