Last updated: 10/5/2019

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ProJóven works in the integral training to facilitate the labour insertion, the self-employment and the generation of income. ProJóven's goal is to improve the quality and coverage of the Popular Workshops (training modality of the National Institute of Vocational Training -INFOP- through local civil society operators) and adapt the training to the demand of dynamic sectors such as the construction and tourism through Specialized Training Centers. In both modalities, ProJóven promotes social cohesion, peacebuilding and violence prevention.

Programme components
i) Popular Workshops: Its specific objective is to improve the quality and coverage of supply and linkage with the labour market and other similar efforts addressed at young men and young women at risk. It is planned to facilitate comprehensive training that includes technical aspects, human training, entrepreneurship, etc., linked them to labour demand. ii) Sectorial articulation: Its specific objective is to increase the relevance of the training offered by improving the link between the labour market and coordinating with the Tourism and Construction sectors.

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