Last updated: 22/1/2020

Programme Details

Programme objectives

The programme seeks to improve the chances to find an employment of quality and/or better earnings, through training sessions to get more employability. Also, the programme pays to the Technical Training Organisations for each recipient that they put into the labour market.

Programme components
i) Teaching phase: The programme requires 250 hours of vocational training, but 60% should be directed to occupation learning, and the rest to transversal skills teached at employability modules, ICT, and tutorials, among other proposed by OTEC's. Each OTEC may define the hours distribution of the additional modules of the occupation, and they are able to include modules according to target group and occupation being teached by training sessions. ii)Internship: It seeks to insert beneficiaries as interns in a dependent job, or the development of an entrepreneurship project to achieve an independent graduation from the programme, but related with the training contents. This component has a duration of two months (maximum) for courses, and an internship of between 90 to 360 hours. iii) Labour intermediation: The programme requires OTEC to insert into the labour market, through labour intermediation services, at least 50% of the students that approved the teaching phase. If they achieve that goal, the programme would pay 10% of the total amount of the course. After three months of graduation and if the beneficiary could not get access to a job utilising the intermediation services provided by OTEC, the person would be transfered to the labour intermediation services of SENCE.
Previous programme name (if any)
Formación para el Trabajo (Training for Work)
Conditionalities (if any)
Attendance to 75% of training sessions

Targeting and eligiblity

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
Allowance of CLP$3.000 per each day of attendance to teaching phase and internship phase. If the course has the independent component, an allowance of CLP$ 200,000 will be given for supplies, tools or instruments; Personal accident insurance during the training activity.