Last updated: 04/8/2020
Programme objectives

Conditional cash transfer programme (CCT) established as an incentive for enrollment, retention and culmination of the school year by children in primary school. The first year the program benefited children between 1st and 5th grade of primary school. The programme coverage was extended several times: In 2007 it was extended to 6th grade, in 2008 up to 2nd grade of secondary school, in 2012 to 3rd grade, in 2013 to 4th grade and since 2014 the coverage was extended to 6th grade. The programme has been preceded by the "Bono Esperanza", implemented by the Municipal Government of El Alto, between 2003 and 2005.

Geographic area
Previous programme name (if any)
Bono Esperanza
Contribution type and amount
Eligibility criteria
Children and adolescents under 21 years old studying the level of vocational community primary education or the level of productive community secondary education, in the fiscal education units of the regular education subsystem agreement. Additionally, students in special education and fiscal centers of the subsystem of alternative and special education agreement.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frequency
Legal Framework
Supreme Decrees 28899 (2006), 29321 (2007), 29652 (2008), 0309 (2009), 0648 (2010), 1016 (2011), 1372 (2012), 1748 (2013), 2141 (2014), 2506 (2015), 2899 (2016) y 3331 (2017). Ministerial Resolutions 248 y 775 (2008), 695 (2012), 718 y 719 (2013), 546 (2016) y 2521 (2017).
Population Group