Last updated: 29/2/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group
Persons with disabilities

Programme Details

Programme objectives

Meeting the needs of people living with disabilities.

Paitoonpong, S., Tasee, P., Waisuriya, P. 2016.. ‘Social Protection System in Thailand: an Overview’, TDRI Quarterly Review, <> (accessed 22 May 2018).
Start date
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Targeting and eligiblity

Targeting methods
Categorical Targeting
Targeted areas
Target groups
People living with disabilities
Eligibility criteria
To access the Disability Grant, people with disabilities, including children, must go through a three-stage process: obtain a medical certificate (issued by a licensed medical doctor working in a public or private hospital), register for the disability ID card and register for the Disability Grant.

Coverage and other information

Type of benefits
Benefit delivery mechanism
Beneficiaries’ bank accounts or benefits are delivered in cash by local authorities.
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Benefit recipients
Beneficiaries themselves.
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
Until death or voluntary withdrawal.
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Legal Framework
Disabilities Empowerment Act 2007 and its Amendment 2013 (Vol. 2).
Cheechang;, K., Kotbungkair, W., Arunsangsuree, S., & Vichit, S. (2023). Leaving No One Behind: Analysing the Inclusiveness of the Disability Grant Scheme in Thailand. In Social Protection in East Asia and Pacific: From Evidence to Action for Children. Accessed on 16 October 2023.