Last updated: 21/3/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Population group
Children, Women, Youth

Programme Details

Programme objectives

Accelerating actions to enable adolescent girls to fully enjoy their childhood and adolescence free from the risk of marriage; experience healthier, safe and more empowered life transitions in control of their own destiny, including decisions about their health lifestyles, relationship formation, marriage and child-bearing, by engaging key actors, including adolescents and young people

Programme components
472 households with adolescent girls received the unconditional cash grant (implemented only in Herat province). 360 female participants received training under the Community-based Livelihood Training (implemented only in Samangan province). 14,483 adolescent girls received training under the Community-based Life Skills Training. In total, the programme reached 255,554 Direct Adolescents (164,207 adolescent girls; 91,347 adolescent boys); 875,000 Indirect Adolescents. The total population of about 1.3 million, including adults in 20 Districts in 5 provinces have benefitted from awareness raising activities (2015-2021)

Targeting and eligiblity

Targeted areas
Outreach extended to five provinces, (i) Nangahar, (ii) Samangan; (iii) Ghor; (iv) Herat; and (v) Farah, and their selection was based on evidence secured from the 2007– 2008 and 2011–2012 National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (NRVA). Within each province, four districts were prioritized, totaling 20 districts, and these districts were in some of the most-deprived and remote areas, where the prevalence of child marriage was the highest

Coverage and other information