Sunday, March 3, 2024

IDA Helps to Weave the Fabric of Global Social Protection

Every two months, Marcelina Ngandu collects her cash transfer from the Zambian government and invests it in her small doughnut business. “I buy baking flour and make doughnuts for selling,” says Marcelina, a widow, who uses the money she makes to support her late sister’s five children. “From my last bi-monthly payment of 300 Kwacha ($14), I made doughnuts and sold them for 400 Kwacha that helps me pay for school fees for the orphaned children I look after. I urge all other widows to not only eat the money but grow it like I do.” Marcelina is one of more than 3 million people who benefit from the Social Cash Transfer Program in Zambia, which is improving the livelihoods of women and expanding access to education for children. This is one of many social protection... Read More