The department for humanitarian aid and civil protection, DG ECHO

Webinar Presentation: What is the role of a humanitarian donor in linking with social protection systems?

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 8 September 2022.

This DG ECHO-led webinar used the framework of ECHO’s new cash thematic policy to discuss the role of humanitarian donors in linking with social protection systems. It provided an overview of the policy content relating to linking cash and social protection, followed by an interactive panel discussion.

The panel of DG ECHO staff explored the role of a humanitarian donor in a selection of different contexts including conflict/complex settings (e.g. Somalia and/or Mozambique); conflict in a strong institutional setting (e.g. Ukraine); natural hazards in a refugee setting (e.g. Mauritania); and natural hazards in a context of weak institutions (e.g. Madagascar).

The discussion was framed around 2 key questions:

What can we do as a humanitarian donor to ensure needs are covered during an acute crisis? What are the red lines? 
What can we do to prepare for future crises?