United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF
International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, IPC-IG

Webinar presentation: UNICEF and IPC-IG Webinar on Social Protection and Universal Child Benefits in Preparation for GSSD 2022

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 18 August 2022.

This webinar explored vital lessons, challenges, and opportunities from a range of country contexts, and how such inter-country and inter-region learning could be harnessed in the design and implementation of effective social protection and child benefit programmes.

Objectives of the UNICEF and IPC-IG Webinar on Social Protection and Child Benefits:

  • To obtain a high level and global picture of social protection challenges, opportunities, and deficits in UNICEF countries in the South in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To share experiences from countries represented at the webinar that have successfully implemented comprehensive social protection programmes that benefit children and their families.
  • Promote country-to-country learning on actions, experiences, lessons learnt and good practices on social protection and child benefits schemes in the context of COVID-19.
  • To understand how to harness the complementary power of social sector programmes that enhance the overall value and effectiveness of social assistance for children.
  • Discuss how such learning, sharing and stock-taking could be institutionalised in an annual UNICEF webinar series supportive of the goals of the SSTC.